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Malicious Prosecution Attorney in Pennsylvania

If false allegations have led to incarceration, job loss, or mental anguish, contact a malicious prosecution civil attorney at Tauber Law to obtain justice.

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Malicious Prosecution Lawyers Serving Philadelphia and The Surrounding Areas

Alan Tauber has represented individuals who have won landmark settlements and verdicts in malicious prosecution Pennsylvania claims, including a $9.8 million settlement from the City of Philadelphia and $10 million verdict that included $5 million in punitive damages.

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Also, in New Jersey, whether police are attempting to cover up their own misconduct or have acted with zealous indifference to your rights, Tauber Law has a malicious prosecution attorney in NJ to fight back on your behalf.

Once your case has ended successfully in your favor, you gain the power to become your own prosecutor against those who wrongfully used the power of the state against you.

Common Factors in White-Collar Crimesmoney

Malicious Prosecution
Case Elements

The state gives police and government investigators great power to make arrests and cause criminal prosecutions that result in incarceration and other lifelong consequences.

When that power is abused and innocent people are subject to a baseless prosecution, a grave injustice has occurred.  The law does not tolerate this sort of abuse of power and allows victims to sue for malicious prosecution settlements.  Malicious prosecution lawyers can recover for loss of liberty, lost wages, emotional distress, mental anguish, and reputational harm.  To win a malicious prosecution claim you must prove three things:
  • The charges lacked probable cause;
  • You prevailed in the case through a not guilty verdict, a withdrawal of charges by the government or a dismissal by the court;
  • A witness against you acted with malice to get you prosecuted.

Possible Malicious Prosecution Damages You Can Recover

Those who have been forced to defend themselves against false charges suffer in many ways: economically, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Victims of malicious prosecution cases are entitled to a vast array of monetary damages to compensate them for the harm they have sustained.  Such damages include the following:
  • The attorney fees and other costs incurred from defending the underlying
  • Compensation for past and future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Embarrassment and humiliation
  • Costs for past and future health care treatment connected to injury from the underlying case
  • Loss of liberty
  • Punitive damages
Mr. Tauber is an experienced malicious prosecution lawyer who knows how to maximize the financial recovery.
Potential Penalties for White-Collar Crimes in Philadelphia

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Tauber Law Case Results

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Following are some examples of what Mr. Tauber has done for his clients:

Civil Rights


Settlement for malicious prosecution

Our client was falsely arrested, maliciously prosecuted, and served 28 years in prison. After we won our client’s exoneration, the City of Philadelphia settled the case pre-suit for a record amount.

Civil Rights


Settlement for malicious prosecution and false arrest

Our client was falsely accused of shooting at the police, and he was wrongfully jailed for more than three years. He was acquitted in a criminal trial, and the City of Philadelphia ultimately paid a $3.8 million settlement.

Civil Rights


Settlement for excessive force by police

Police shot our client while he was handcuffed and in custody.

Civil Rights


Settlement for the unlawful search of an apartment by police

Our clients’ 4th Amendment and privacy rights were violated when the police unlawfully searched their residence with a warrant containing false information.

What Our Clients Say

Alan took on my case after I lost faith in my prior lawyer. His relentless effort and pride made me feel like he was representing his own son. In the end, I recovered nearly ten times what my prior lawyer was even seeking. The money was great but Alans counsel made me believe in our justice system.
Alan Tauber, attorney at law is one who loves the law and loves practicing law. He holds a passion for the fight of and in it. Not only is Alan Tauber a great legal mind of the law, he is a man of integrity. Attorney Alan Tauber represented me for well over 15 years as we battled to right an egregious miscarriage of justice. After serving 28 years of a life sentence, it is attorney Alan Tauber who fought tirelessly to have the wrong made right. In 2019, my release and exoneration became a reality. Today Alan Tauber is still a great attorney, but more importantly, he is someone I call my friend.
Mr. Tauber's expertise was absolutely critical to my case and settlement. He helped and guided me every step of the way through a very difficult time. I never would have been able to do it without him. Having Mr. Tauber on my side is what made the difference!

Why You Should Hire Malicious Prosecution Defense Attorney From Tauber Law?

  • Expertise

    Mr. Tauber’s background as a criminal defense attorney gives him key expertise into police misconduct.
  • Passion


    Mr. Tauber has more than 25 years experience as a civil rights attorney with a malicious prosecution specialty.
  • Results

    Mr. Tauber has negotiated multi-million dollar settlements with the City of Philadelphia.
Alan Tauber

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If you believe you have been prosecuted unjustly, you should contact Tauber Law to discuss a possible malicious prosecution lawsuit. Call him at (215) 575-0702 for a free, confidential consultation on your case.
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What is the difference between malicious prosecution and false imprisonment?

False imprisonment occurs when police arrest and detain a person without probable cause that a crime occurred.  Malicious prosecution requires proof of malice; false imprisonment does not.   False imprisonment claims extend only until the person has his first chance to have a court release him from custody.  Malicious prosecution begins at arrest and continues until the case is entirely over.

How much does a malicious prosecution lawyer in Pennsylvania cost?

Most malicious prosecution lawyers work on a contingent fee basis.  Under a contingent fee arrangement, the attorney only collects a fee if he collects money by way of settlement or verdict.  There are no strict rules about what percentage an attorney may charge and they can vary from 33% to 50% of the total amount recovered.

What is the difference between abuse of process and malicious prosecution?

Abuse of process claims generally involve conduct in a civil action as opposed to a criminal prosecution. Malicious prosecution occurs when a person initiates a criminal prosecution without cause and for a malicious purpose. Abuse of process claims are not based on improperly initiating a case, but on a perversion of the legal process after it is initiated.