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Work Injury Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

Work Injury Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

If you suffer a work injury, you are probably eligible for compensation. Philadelphia workers’ comp attorney Alan J. Tauber stands ready to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorneys Are Ready to Help

In a working-class city like Philadelphia, with a lot of heavy industry and construction, workplace injuries are common.

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Workplace injuries are not limited to stereotypical “blue-collar” occupations, either. Car accidents, violent crime, and other events plague employees of all types. Workers’ compensation laws cover injured workers and the families of workers who die in workplace accidents. A personal injury lawsuit is also sometimes possible.

One of the major advantages of the workers’ compensation system is its “no-fault” nature. This means that you do not have to prove that your employer was at fault to obtain benefits. The major disadvantage of a workers’ compensation claim compared to an ordinary personal injury claim is that you cannot claim noneconomic damages. A Philadelphia workers comp lawyercan help you navigate the legal maze that you will be facing.

What Are The Types of Workplace Injuries in Philadelphia?

Although the potential types of workplace injuries are too numerous to count, most fall within just a few major categories. Following are some of the most common:
What Are The Types of Workplace Injuries in Philadelphia?

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and sprains affect the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Heavy lifting and other physically demanding activities cause most of these accidents. Accidents also sometimes cause these injuries.

Back Injuries

Physically demanding activities such as heavy lifting can cause back injuries, as can accidents. A back injury can happen all at once, or it can develop for years or even decades.

Head Injuries

Accidents are the primary cause of head injuries. Sometimes, insufficient attention to safety (wearing proper helmets, etc.) contributes to these accidents. The symptoms of a head injury might not appear until hours or even days after the accident. This allows employers to claim that the injury was not work-related.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) happen gradually, over a long period‌. RSIs occur most among employees who perform repetitive activities such as typing, working on an assembly line, or using certain tools. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a good example of an RSI injury.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures occur most commonly in vehicle accidents, machine malfunctions, and during extremely physically demanding activities. Even a minor bone fracture, such as a broken finger, can lead to major consequences without timely treatment.

A work accident lawyer in Philadelphia can help you prepare and submit a claim.

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Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

The causes of workplace accidents ‌cluster around just a few causes, including‌:

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    Overexertion: This category includes repetitive motion, lifting objects that are too heavy, lifting heavy objects too many times, or repeatedly bending to lift heavy objects.

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    Slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents are the number one cause of workers’ compensation claims.

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    Bodily contact with equipment. The workplace equipment doesn’t have to be malfunctioning for an accident to happen, although it sometimes is. Getting your hand caught in a machine that breaks your fingers is a common example.

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    Injury from falling debris.

Many other conditions cause injury and death in the workplace. Contact a Philadelphia workplace injury attorney no matter whose fault the accident was. In most cases, it won’t matter.

Workers’ Comp in Pennsylvania

Although every state offers workers’ compensation, each state offers its version, including Pennsylvania. Potential benefits include:
  • Hospital bills;
  • Surgery bills;
  • Rehabilitation expenses;
  • Medical evaluations and lab work;
  • Doctor’s appointments;
  • Prescription drugs;
  • Prescription drugs;
  • Medical devices;
  • Transportation costs;
  • Lost earnings;
  • Disability payments;
  • Vocational retraining;
  • Pension payment;
  • Death benefits (for your family if you die from a workplace accident).
Pennsylvania also offers personal injury damages,  if you can prove that another party is responsible (the owner of an unsafe construction site, for example). This might render you eligible for pain and suffering damages (which might amount to more than half of your total compensation) as well as other non-economic damages. In rare cases, punitive damages might be available. A work comp lawyer in Philly can help you fight for all of these damages.
Workers’ Comp in Pennsylvania

Tauber Law Case Results

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Settlement for malicious prosecution

Our client was falsely arrested, maliciously prosecuted, and served 28 years in prison. After we won our client’s exoneration, the City of Philadelphia settled the case pre-suit for a record amount.

Civil Rights


Settlement for malicious prosecution and false arrest

Our client was falsely accused of shooting at the police, and he was wrongfully jailed for more than three years. He was acquitted in a criminal trial, and the City of Philadelphia ultimately paid a $3.8 million settlement.

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Surgeon left medical device in patient during surgery resulting in a critical infection.

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Fatal car accident ended with payment of all available insurance proceeds.

What Our Clients Say

Alan personally handled the investigation in my case that uncovered explosive facts about one of the defendants which had an important impact on the settlement of the case. His personal commitment made all the difference.
After other lawyers rejected my case, Alan saw the merit, did the needed investigation and won me a settlement I thought I might never see.
Alan's never say die attitude led to him discovering the existence of a second insurance policy that covered the accident and nearly tripled the settlement value in our case. It has had a big impact on our lives. As far as I am concerned, Tauber Law is the best Philadelphia personal injury law firm out there.

Why You Should Contact a Pennsylvania Work Injury Lawyer from Tauber Law?

Alan J. Tauber is one of the most prominent workers’ compensation attorneys in Philadelphia. Below are some of the benefits of working with Tauber Law:

  • Hands-on Approach

    Mr. Tauber will not pass your case down to the “junior guy”, because there is no “junior guy” at Tauber Law. Mr. Tauber handles all cases personally.
  • Experience

    Mr. Tauber is a veteran of the Philadelphia workers’ compensation and personal injury compensation systems.
  • Communication

    Mr. Tauber “tells it like it is”, without sugar coating and legal jargon.
Mr. Tauber

Above all, we won’t let anybody push you around.

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The best Philadelphia worker's compensation attorneys offer free, confidential consultations, and that includes. Philadelphia, PA workplace lawyer Alan J. Tauber. Call Tauber Law at 215-575-0702, or contact us online.
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Do I have a time limit for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

Yes, you do. The general limit for filing a workers’ compensation claim is three years after the date of your injury. Other deadlines apply as well. You must inform your employer of your injury within 120 days of your injury, for example.

How much is the average workers’ compensation settlement?

The average worker's compensation settlement is about $20,000. This number is inherently misleading, however, because the amount you receive depends on the facts of your individual case. Because of the fact-based nature of a workers’ compensation settlement, an average means very little.

How much does a good Pennsylvania work injury lawyer cost?

A good Philadelphia work injury lawyer won't charge you anything upfront. Your legal fees will amount to a pre-agreed percentage of whatever amount of compensation you receive. If you receive nothing, you will owe nothing in legal fees.